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Bluewood Steamy

is an imprint of Bluewood Publishing.

Submissions Requirements

Bluewood Publishing is a royalty paying publisher. We do not charge the author for our services.

We accept manuscripts for publication from 5,000 words and up. We do not offer print contracts for any book under this imprint.

In the first instance please send an e-mail to submissions@bluewoodsteamy.com telling us about yourself, with a short synopsis (not chapter by chapter) of your book together with a minimum of the first chapter of your book as an attachment in Word .doc or .rtf format. Please indicate whether you have completed the book. If your manuscript is shorter than 10,000 words please send the complete story. You must tell us if it has been previously, or is currently, published or self-published.

Bluewood Publishing Acquisitions Editors strive to respond to all queries within three weeks of receipt. Please do not contact us before then, but if we have not responded in three weeks, feel free to let us know. If we are interested, and have not received the complete manuscript we will ask you for a detailed synopsis or the full manuscript and then consider contracting it.

We will also be asking you at that stage, for your marketing plans for the book.

Due to the geographical spread of our company, we cannot accept paper submissions.

If you also write mainstream genre books, you will find our submissions guidelines for these at the main site: Bluewood Publishing.