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Julia's Affair

Julia's Affair  by   Bridy McAvoy

When her husband, Max, has to spend six weeks on an engineering project in the Amazon basin, Julia is left to her own devices. A chance encounter with an old flame leads to a night of passion.
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Julia's Blackmail

Julia's Blackmail  by   Bridy McAvoy

Her colleague, Tom, saw Julia out with another man and decided to blackmail her. Unbeknown to him, Julia had confessed to Max, so there was no hold over her. Julia, though, is intrigued by the implied submission so, with Max’s agreement, plays along.
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Julia's Camera

Julia's Camera  by   Bridy McAvoy

Julia buys Max a new digital camera for Xmas and decides she wants him to find some naughty pictures on the memory card. Unable to do more than selfies, she enlists the help of a neighbor.
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Julia's Dance

Julia's Dance  by   Bridy McAvoy

Having had too much to drink at the office party, Julia finds herself in a hotel room with Tom and a couple of his friends, and they want her to dance for them. She knows she’s going to end up naked.
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Julia's Essence

Julia's Essence  by   Bridy McAvoy

With Max out of town again, Julia has a night out with a couple of friends. At the nightclub, wearing a wrap-over skirt, she dances with a guy who wants to taste her very essence. The skirt just makes it easy for him.
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Julia's Friday

Julia's Friday  by   Bridy McAvoy

Friday is dress down day at work, so, on a dare, Julia wears a tight top and a very short skirt. She hadn’t really intended to bring herself to the boss’s attention.

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Julia's Guidance

Julia's Guidance  by   Bridy McAvoy

When Julia’s neighbor Grace, and her husband, Bill, seem to be having a lot of rows about silly little things, Julia steps in, determined to help. What she didn’t expect was to find Bill making a move on her while Grace is passed out after too much wine.
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Julia's Hotel

Julia's Hotel  by   Bridy McAvoy

Staying over at a hotel for a work conference, Julia decides to get dressed up for dinner and have a bit of fun. After an hour in the bar, dinner is the last thing on her mind.

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Julia's Independence

Julia's Independence  by   Bridy McAvoy

With Max interested in Julia’s affairs, their sex life has developed a real spark. She thinks it’s time for Max to assert himself, although he’s happy to let her have her independence.
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Julia's Jeopardy

Julia's Jeopardy  by   Bridy McAvoy

After their role-playing with each other, Julia and Max head next door for a barbeque, knowing that both Grace and Julia will be the main course. Things don’t, however, go according to Julia’s expectations. Bill and Grace had shared her before, but now with Bill too drunk, it was Max’s moment.
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Julia's Knight

Julia's Knight  by   Bridy McAvoy

Going to a fancy dress party at her boss’s home, Julia finds herself talking to a knight in armor with a very impressive codpiece. Once alone in the garden, she soon discovers why its very impressive.

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Julia's Limo

Julia's Limo  by   Bridy McAvoy

With her boss’s secretary away, Julia was set a simple extra job: organize a limo for her boss and two important clients for a trip to a baseball game. Only, all the limo companies were booked up. One company had one car and driver available but insisted on personal negotiations.
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Julia's Memory

Julia's Memory  by   Bridy McAvoy

Julia’s new neighbor had asked her to help get everything ready for a house warming party for her and her husband. Julia somehow forgot. In a flap, she makes a rash promise to help them in any way she can. They have a solution that places Julia right where they want her.
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Julia's Night

Julia's Night  by   Bridy McAvoy

Julia returns to the nightclub, only this time Max is with her. After just two dances he twists his ankle and has to sit out. He watches as she dances with partner after partner.

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Julia's Outrage

Julia's Outrage  by   Bridy McAvoy

At a party, Julia is propositioned by one of her neighbors. Someone she’s strayed with before. Is her outrage real, or feigned?

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Julia's Punishment

Julia's Punishment  by   Bridy McAvoy

Max is less than happy when one of Julia’s escapades embarrasses him in front of his boss. Julia is contrite and suggests several methods of punishment. She thought Max would choose one… not all of them!
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Julia's Quest

Julia's Quest  by   Bridy McAvoy

Taking part in a mystery quest weekend wasn’t high on her list of fun things to do. However, when she realizes this is the chance to be alone with one good looking man after another…

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Julia's Revenge

Julia's Revenge  by   Bridy McAvoy

Tom has been a little indiscreet around the office. So now it’s time for Julia to get her revenge on him. Finding out he’s been trying it on with her friends just makes the revenge that bit more satisfying.
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Julia's Surprise

Julia's Surprise  by   Bridy McAvoy

Julia organizes a surprise birthday party for Max. A real man’s party, including premium subscription football on the TV and a stripper for half-time. Only the stripper is not exactly a stranger and Julia plans on joining in.
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Julia's Trouble

Julia's Trouble  by   Bridy McAvoy

While accompanying her boss for a massive lunch with clients, her boss leaves Julia to settle the bill. Only, Julia has left her purse on her desk back at the office, and she daren’t make a fuss in front of the clients.
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Julia's Umbrella

Julia's Umbrella  by   Bridy McAvoy

It starts raining hard as she’s halfway to work. She hasn’t got a coat, nor an umbrella, and it’s a couple of hundred yards in the open from her parking place to her office, in a white cotton shirt and no bra. It’s a good job there’s a Good Samaritan on hand.
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Julia's Video

Julia's Video  by   Bridy McAvoy

Although Max enjoys hearing about her exploits, he rarely has the chance to see them. When Julia gets the chance to appear in an ‘Amateurs’ porn casting video, it seems like the perfect chance. As the best-laid plans go awry, Julia finds she is the best laid of all.
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Julia's Workshop

Julia's Workshop  by   Bridy McAvoy

An intensive three-day course to learn the new order processing software is most definitely not Julia’s idea of fun. Finding she’s the only woman among the group of six attendees makes for much more interesting breakdown sessions
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Julia's Xmas

Julia's Xmas  by   Bridy McAvoy

This year Julia wants to make an early start on her Xmas shopping. Finding just the right gift for most of her friends is hard, especially as the office is sticking to a price tag maximum of $20. She’s seen a gorgeous set of underwear for Josie but it’s $60. Can she really go that far to get the discount?
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Julia's Yacht

Julia's Yacht  by   Bridy McAvoy

Max wants to look at a new sailboat for their cabin on the lake. As a crew takes Max out for a familiarization cruise, the boss takes Julia to one side for his own negotiations.

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Julia's Zip

Julia's Zip  by   Bridy McAvoy

Julia’s party dress is a real stunner. Short, black, and strapless. She looks a million dollars. Until the zip breaks. If she lets go of the zip she’ll lose the dress - and she’s naked underneath. Soon she’s surrounded by a group of men anxious to help her spare her blushes.
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