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Steamy Erotica

Broken Angel 1 - Jia's Sacrifice

Broken Angel 1 - Jia's Sacrifice  by   Helen McNicol

Jia's past is about to catch up with her. When Bryce's habit gets him involved with men who are less than desirable, Jia must sacrifice her own happiness to ensure his safety. Turning to the one man she knows will be able to help her, Jia bargains with the devil
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Broken Angel 2 - Angel Returns

Broken Angel 2 - Angel Returns  by   Helen McNicol

With Bryce gone, Jia returns to The Pink Panther to settle the debt she now owes Tony Savage. While Savage seems more than happy to have his Angel back in the fold, Jia is determined she is only there as long as she needs to be.
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Birthday Surprise

Birthday Surprise  by   Bridy McAvoy

Today is his birthday and every year Tom's wife Ali's present to him is an erotic surprise that blows his mind. He has been thinking of nothing else at work, unable to concentrate, trying to work out exactly what she is up to...
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The Short Story Collection

The Short Story Collection  by   Bridy McAvoy

Three great short story collections from leading erotica author Bridy McAvoy, gathered here into a single volume. A total of 13 stories totalling over 66,000 words for a single price.
The Cassidy Wives Series
The Studio Series
The Hoofers Series

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The Cassidy Wives - The Collection

The Cassidy Wives - The Collection  by   Bridy McAvoy

Previously published as separate short stories, these five stores are gathered here under one cover for the very first time. Five stories following the adventures of Ginny and Chris Cassidy as they descend into the seedier world around them as they set out to fulfil a rather risque fantasy for their twin husbands for the guy's thirtieth birthday.
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The Studio - The Collection

The Studio - The Collection  by   Bridy McAvoy

Previously published as individual short stories, and now gathered here into a single collection for the first time. Five stories about professional photographer Jim having a mid-life crisis while suffering from the seven-year itch. Not a good combination.
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The Hoofers - The Collection

The Hoofers - The Collection  by   Bridy McAvoy

Originally published as separate short stories, these three stories of a very special FBI undercover unit dealing with vice are now gathered together for the first time under one cover. The Bright Light is not a nice club for the strippers who work there. This is where Jennifer and her team of Undercover Federal Agents come in.
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