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Birthday Surprise

Birthday Surprise

“Honey . . . I’m home!”
Tom grinned to himself as he walked through his front door. About once every two weeks he used the corny old soap opera line. He couldn’t remember where he’d first heard it but using it always brought a smile to his face. The sight of his wife hurrying to great him at the door before he could take another step changed the smile to a grin. She was done up to the nines, crisp white blouse, short black skirt and, unless he missed his guess, fishnet stockings below. He was sure she didn’t own any fishnet pantyhose so they just had to be stockings.
Ali leapt into his arms and smothered him with a deep kiss. Finally, as he was fighting for breath, she leaned back and his wife of only two years looked him in the eyes.
“Happy birthday, darling. Are you ready for your birthday surprise?”
He grinned back at her. She always managed to surprise him sexually on his birthday and he’d been looking forward to this all day. His dick throbbed in his trousers at the thought, but the way she was dressed didn’t give him a clue. His first birthday after they were married she had greeted him at the door wearing just a baby doll nightie and nothing else. Last year she had waited for him in the bedroom – naked and handcuffed to all four corners of the bed. He was a little disappointed that she was obviously fully dressed but tried hard not to show it.
“Put your bag down, sweetie, and turn around.”
He did as he was told, wondering exactly what she was up to.
“Place your hands behind your back, wrists together.”
Again he did as he was told and suddenly there was a click. He tried to pull his hands apart and the cold metal bit into his wrists. She’d handcuffed him. His dick twitched again – things were getting interesting.
She turned him back around to face her and he leaned forward to kiss her, but she danced away a step, wagging an admonishing finger at him.
“Not yet, Tom. You’re not quite ready.”
She reached up to his neck and deftly undid and removed his tie, before standing on tiptoes to cover his eyes with it. As the darkness enfolded him, he realised he was already hard and looking forward to whatever she was planning.
She tied the tie securely behind his head and then asked him a question.
“Comfortable there, honey?”
“What do you expect? Not really, no.” “Well, we’ll have to do something about this right away I think.” Her hand brushed across the front of his trousers, caressing the obvious bulge.

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