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Julia's Zip

Julia's Zip

As Julia pulled into the garage, she smiled to herself. Perfect. The other bay was empty, meaning Max wasn’t home yet. That might just give her the time she needed to put her plan into action.
She almost jumped from the car, and as the garage door closed, walked around to the front door and unlocked it, then cancelled the house alarm. Still smiling to herself, she draped her work jacket over the top of the newel post at the bottom of the stairs, then discarded her left high heel on the second step. Her right high heel was artfully dropped on the seventh step and it only took her a minute to wiggle out of her skirt and drape that on the floor at the top of the stairs, the hem just trailing over the stairs so it was visible from the bottom.
Her smile changed to a grin as she crept past the breadcrumbs she’d just left for her husband to find and headed through to the kitchen. They’d played this game before, but always with a simple straight trail. This time she was going to have a little more fun. Dodging into the kitchen, she dropped her blouse to the floor on the far side of the island, where he couldn’t see it unless he walked all the way into the kitchen. That left her in just the nice lacy bra and panties set she’d worn to work, other than her stockings, and she intended to keep them on, just to make the catch more fun. It took a couple of tries to get her bra to loop over one of the blades on the ceiling fan in the downstairs study and then she wrapped her panties around the handle on the door leading through to the garage. She grabbed her car key and stepped into the garage wearing just her hold-up stockings. She didn’t switch on the light, moving by touch only.
This was the dangerous part of the plan. If Max arrived home in the next thirty seconds and opened the garage door he’d find her there, naked, waiting for him, and inadvertently display all of her to the whole street and anyone driving past. It was cold in the garage and she shivered a little, then decided it was worth it if she just had another couple of seconds to complete the process. Adrenalin lent her wings as she quickly pressed the button on the car key and unlocked her car. The courtesy light came on, giving her some illumination. Julia walked around to the rear door and, as she opened it, she heard a car pull onto the drive. It might be Ryan next door coming home, or it could be Max.
Another surge of adrenalin boosted her and she dived into the back seat of her car and pulled the door shut. She flicked the switch on the courtesy light, leaving herself in darkness again. A few seconds later the rumble of the garage door motor started and light flooded into the space as the door opened. She flattened herself to the seat, her heart beating wildly. She could hear it thumping in her chest, but she stayed still as Max parked his larger Lexus next to hers, and then climbed from his car. At least he was on the far side from her. She lay still, not wanting to accidentally rock her car on its springs and give the game away. A moment later she heard footsteps retreating and then the mechanism starting up as the door closed again.
She knew her husband would recognize her sexy little game for what it was—an invitation to make love. As she waited for him to follow the false trail, and finally the real one, her anticipation grew. After ten minutes, she started to worry, but then, just as she was about to climb from the car and give it away, she heard the interior door to the garage open and then the overhead light came on.
His voice was soft and she smiled. He hadn’t fully worked out the game, but he clearly knew some of it.
She bounced on the seat of the car, enough to make the car move on its springs for him to notice. She watched as he walked up to the front of the car and peered into the shadowed interior. She flattened herself to the seat once more as he peered in the front windows. There was enough light for him to see they were empty, but not enough to see into the back. The tan leather that had been so cold to her body would camouflage her well. Instead of peering into the back window, he opened the door and she pounced, wrapping her arms around the back of his legs.
“Come here, tiger.”
“Fucking hell!”
He tried to back away, obviously shocked, but she hung on and didn’t let him get away. He almost dragged her out of the car horizontally before he recovered.
“What the fuck?”
She pulled back, looking up at him, and batting her eyelids as she watched his face register her nudity. “It’s like this, darling: we christened every room in this house when we moved in, and we christened every room at the cabin last weekend.” She chuckled, giving it a low earthy rumble. “But it struck me we haven’t christened my lovely shiny new car yet, so get your ass in here, tiger. I want you, and I want you now.”
His face broke into a grin. “All you had to do was ask, honey.”
“I thought it would be more fun, but what took you so long?”
He shrugged. “I guessed you were hiding, but your false trail fooled me. I searched the entire upstairs before I came back downstairs and found your bra. Never did find your blouse.”
She shook her head. “Men. Never look for anything in the kitchen, do you?”
“Now, will you get in this car? It’s early November and I’m fucking freezing. I need you to warm me up, the way only my husband can.”

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