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Julia's Yacht

Julia's Yacht

As they turned off the main road onto the narrow single track road that led to the lake, Julia grabbed her husband’s arm and squeezed.
“Whoa! Excited, honey?”
“Well, I hope you don’t squeeze any tighter when we’re closer. I think my arm will drop off if you do.”
She let go and then rubbed his biceps. “Sorry, I’ll kiss it better later.”
“You can kiss any part of me, honey, anytime.”
“I’ll kiss every part of you although I am still a little pissed at you.”
She watched as he turned his head to look at her then jerked his attention back to the road, his expression quizzical. They’d had the conversation a couple of times already and she didn’t really want to have it again, not wanting to spoil the mood.
“Liar! Talk to me, honey. Don’t hold it back ʼtil we get to the cabin. I have great plans when we get there.”
“Oo…Tell me more.”
“Not until you tell me what I did to piss you off.”
The road was getting noticeably bumpier so Max slowed down. He wasn’t that used to handling the big Lexus four wheel drive yet, but his experience handling trucks out in the field stood him in good stead. As he slowed, the bumps decreased and she felt she could talk again without distracting him, or risking a scratch to his new prized possession, still less than three weeks old.
Not that she was complaining. Even her boss was envious of her equally new Lexus.
“I’m still pissed at you…because you bought this place without saying a word.”
“Because I wanted to surprise you.”
“But…it’s just so much money, for such a gesture. I just don’t know when we’re going to get to use it.”
“It was a surprise. Call it an early Xmas present.”
She snorted. “So just what am I going to buy you for Xmas to match it?”
He reached across and squeezed her hand. “There’s nothing that I want in the price range, honey.”
“But I’ve got to get you something to match it, and I just don’t know what.”
“The money is in the bank. You have equal access to it.”
“But it would feel like I’m spending your money on you. That’s not fair.”
“You’re the one not being fair, honey. You’ve put up with a lot for the last seven years, me being away so much. Now relax, live a little.”
She fell silent, still battling her demons on the subject. Max didn’t seem to understand. Before she could start brooding, he spoke up.
“I’ll tell you what.”
“Buy me that sailboat for Xmas.”
“You want a yacht?”
“No, honey, a little smaller than that—a sailboat. Like the one we looked at online.”
“I’m not sure, but if you really want one…?”
He chuckled. “It’s what the dock is for. Unless of course it’s three a.m.”
She snorted with laughter at that. “Don’t even think about setting the alarm for that time in the morning tomorrow, buster. I am not waking up to be dragged out into the cold for that. It was May then, it’s late October now.”
“I have no intention of setting the alarm for three a.m.”
“I don’t intend to let you sleep.”
“I intend to keep you awake all night, just like we did that night.”
She shivered then grinned. “Don’t make promises your body might not be able to keep. You’re not as young as you were then.”
“True, but what I might lack in youthful enthusiasm I can compensate for in experience.”
Julia patted his arm. “Okay, stud, I’ll hold you to that.”
“Good idea. So as soon as I’ve carried you over the threshold…”
“You are doing no such thing.”
“Sure am, honey. And you won’t be able to stop me. As soon as I carry you over the threshold and drop your delicious body onto the couch, you can get nekkid while I fetch the stuff in from the car, and we’ll start the evening as I intend to carry on.”
“You will not. I’m helping you with the stuff. This is not the nineteenth century.”
“Good job too.”
“Because you’d be wearing a hell of a lot more clothes and I’ve enjoyed the drive up here looking at those long luscious legs of yours.”
She frowned at him but inside she felt the warmth, her earlier dark mood burning away in the light from her husband’s clear adoration of her.

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