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Julia's Xmas

Julia's Xmas

Josie perched her butt on the corner of Julia’s desk and looked around the office. The fact that Julia and her sales team were run off their feet seemed to be something that just slid past her.
“What do you want, Josie? I’m busy as hell, especially as it’s Friday.”
“Relax. Live a little, girlfriend.”
“Don’t you have any work to do?”
“Nope. All wrapped up. No new applicants for anywhere in the company. Salaries all done and dusted and sent upstairs for signature. Weekly wages were done yesterday, so nope, I don’t have anything to do.”
“Aren’t you a lucky little shit? I’ve got two dozen more orders to get processed before five, and you’re interrupting me.”
“Why the rush to get out on time? Got a hawt date?”
“No, I haven’t. I’ve got to get caught up on the housework before tomorrow.”
“Tomorrow?” Josie batted her eyelids and giggled, doing a perfect imitation of a silly seventeen year old, something she was more than ten years too old to carry off. “Why, what’s happening tomorrow…especially with Max away?”
Julia sighed. “If I tell you, will you leave me alone?”
“Of course. Now spill it.”
“If you must know, I’m going Christmas shopping.”
“But it’s September.”
“I know, but you know me—I’m organized. Besides, since his promotion, Max is away a lot less…”
“Which is good, right?”
Julia smiled. “Yeah…It’s very good…And no, you’re not getting any details. But, as he’s away this weekend, I’ve got the chance to get some presents bought and stashed in the most secure places I can find.”
Josie shook her head. “Won’t work. Your man’s man of a husband will deduce and find any hiding place you can think of, just like he’s done every year. You should leave it and do it last minute like me.”
“You like getting shoved and pushed around on Christmas Eve. I don’t.”
“Girlfriend, I hate getting shoved and pushed around. But at the same time, I love getting my butt fondled and my legs stroked by all the hot guys who think they can get away with it in the crush.”
“Now you know my plans, are you going to tell me about your hawt date, or are you going to piss off and let me get these orders done?”
“I’ve got a hot date, all right. I’ll even get a discount on my dry cleaning thrown in for good measure.”
Julia felt her heart sink and bounce on top of her stomach. She had a damned good idea who her friend was talking about.
“That dishy young man from the dry cleaners you found just up the road here. Ike.”
“Ike? Are you going out with Ike? He’s what—twenty-one? I didn’t realize this was Cougartown.”
Josie just grinned at her. “Yep, we’re going out dirty dancing tonight. I might even let him go home on Sunday if he’s lucky.”
Julia shook her head, picked up the pile of orders she needed to process, and waved it in her gossipy friend’s face. Josie grinned and took the hint, wandering back to her section. Julia sat there for a moment, uttering a silent prayer—that Ike wouldn’t discuss what had happened that time he’d offered her shelter from the sudden rainstorm, and how they’d kept themselves occupied in the back of the shop while he dried her clothes. She hadn’t told Josie about that, just that there was a nice dry-cleaners up the road they’d never noticed before, with a good-looking guy behind the counter. After a moment, she mentally shrugged. There was nothing she could do about it. He either told Josie the tale, or he didn’t. Either way, she was pretty sure Josie was going to have a far more exciting weekend than she was.

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