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Kayla - The First Four Weeks

Kayla - The First Four Weeks

Kayla winced as the phone rang on her desk. She’d almost finished the spreadsheet for the presentation and her train of thought shattered under the insistent buzzing. Sighing, she picked up the phone.
“Kayla Robertson, Good morning.”
“Hi, Kayla, how are you?”
The displeasured grimace was replaced by a smile at the bouncy tones of her friend, her seven months pregnant friend, Teri.
“Oh, hi, Teri. I'm good. How are you, and more importantly, how’s the frog?”
On the other end of the line Teri burst into giggles. The term their husbands had coined for the child growing inside her had stuck and always amused Teri.
“We’re both fine. He's kicking like a trooper. I think he's getting impatient.”
Kayla raised an eyebrow and once more winced, this time at the thought of a child kicking inside her own stomach at some point in the future. She was only twenty-three and Ben only a year older, so they had plenty of time. Chris, Teri’s husband was the other side of thirty, although his wife was nearer her own age.
Kayla nodded before remembering her friend was on the phone, the automatic, but unseen, motion making her stifle her own giggle at the absurdity of it.
“Yeah, very. It's like someone kicked over a hornet's nest around here.”
“Well, I won't keep you, honey, if you're busy. Are you and Ben busy tonight? Got any plans?”
“Great, well, how about coming over for a pizza and a few beers? I might even take a hall pass on the beer myself.”
“Yeah, right.”
Teri’s laugh echoed down the line. The twenty-five year old had so far had a perfect pregnancy, and was a demon for ensuring she only ate and drank the right things.
“Well, okay, maybe not for me, but how about it, eight all right?”
Kayla knew Ben would go along with the plans. Neither of them had what could be called a hectic social life, and it was a Thursday.
“Sure. See you then. Gonna have to split, Teri. You look after yourself and the frog. See you around eight.”
“'Kay, honey, see you later. Bye.”
The line clicked clear and Kayla turned back to face the recalcitrant spreadsheet.

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