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The Cassidy Wives - The Collection

The Cassidy Wives - The Collection

This excerpt is from Episode 1 - Audition

Dirk smiled as the two women in their late twenties were shown into his office by the bartender on duty.
“Mr Stevens?”
“Please call me Dirk.”
He stood up and leaned over his desk and extended his hand to the foremost of the two women.
“Hi, I’m Ginny Cassidy and this is my sister-in-law, Chris.”
The blonde pumped his hand with a surprisingly firm handshake and her sister, the brunette, attempted the same but came off rather limp. To Dirk, who had seen this kind of scene play out before, it was obvious that Ginny was the confident one.
“Jenny, as in Jennifer?”
“No, Ginny as in Virginia and Chris is short for Christa.”
Dirk nodded a thank you for the information.
“What can I do for you two ladies?”
As if he didn’t already know and he pointedly looked at his watch to remind them his time was valuable; at least to him. Neither replied straight away and he took the chance to allow his eyes, very ostentatiously, to roam over the bodies of the two seated women on the other side of the desk.
Ginny appeared to be the taller by about an inch. Chris was more curvaceous than her sister-in-law and he judged she was the younger, but by no more than a year. Both were slim and very pretty, both sporting wedding bands on their fingers and were dressed and made up complete with immaculate bobbed hair, turned out to impress. Chris flushed slowly under his gaze, but Ginny simply stared back at him, obviously amused by his frank appraisal.
Well, Mr Stevens, em…sorry, Dirk…It’s like this…”
She trailed off, her confidence of a moment earlier deserting her. Dirk decided to help her out.
“You do know the kind of establishment you have walked into here, don’t you?”
The two women nodded.
“You are in some kind of trouble and you need to make some money fast?”
“No…Nothing like that. It’s just, well, we are married to a pair of brothers, twins actually.”
It’s their birthday, Friday next week and they say they have always had this…”
Ginny trailed off as her courage deserted her again.
“Fantasy? Is that the word you’re looking for?”
This time Ginny blushed and then nodded.

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