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The Last To Know - What I did while we dated

The Last To Know - What I did while we dated

I held Sam until she stopped sobbing, in the process allowing her to soak the front of my shirt with her tears. A few minutes after the sounds stopped she pushed against my chest, making me let go enough for her to straighten up. She glanced down at the large dark stain on my pale blue shirt.
“Sorry about that.”
“It’ll wash.”
She smiled, a bit weakly, not quite a Sam thousand-watt smile, but a smile nevertheless. “Take it off and I’ll put it in the wash.”
It was my turn to smile. “What you mean is take it off so I’m topless and you can have your way with me.”
“Can’t blame a girl for trying, can you? Besides, I’ll return the favor.”
With that, my wife sat fully upright, reached down to the bottom of her T-shirt and pulled it over her head. I already knew she wasn’t wearing a bra. Despite my resolve, my eyes dropped to her chest, allowing my gaze to drink in every little detail of her perfect breasts. Almost as a reaction to the pressure of my gaze, her nipples crinkled and hardened, and she sat still letting me just look. Lower down, my little head was enjoying the view too, and I’m sure she could feel it stiffen against her hip. I knew all she was wearing was the soft cotton shorts that molded themselves to every contour of her body.
“Enough, minx.”
“Why?” She batted her eyelashes at me as coquettishly as she could manage then spoiled the effect by giggling.
“Because we’re supposed to be going out for dinner, and it’s already five o’clock. I already know you’ll want a shower before we go.”
“How do you know that?”
I sighed. “You always want a shower and redo your makeup when you’ve been crying.”
She punched my shoulder. “It’s your fault.”
“For letting me cry like that. You should have stopped me.”
“Me? Never.”
“Why? You enjoy watching me cry?”
“One, the next person to make you cry is going to find themselves flat on their back. Two, I didn’t make you cry, and three, you needed it, so I let you cry it out.”
“I’m so sorry, Si. Really, really sorry.”
“Enough. And stop trying to tempt me. It’s not going to happen.”
She pouted, and given her state of undress, she looked adorable. I’d made up my mind, though. I wasn’t going to make love to her until I’d heard the full confession. I’d hold her, and if she kept displaying herself to me, I’d look, but I wouldn’t touch her, not sexually. There was a problem with this approach. I was as hard as a rock, and had been for most of the day, ever since she’d paraded herself naked in front of me this morning, let alone when skinny-dipping in the lake.
“So, do you want a shower?” There was an obvious invitation in her voice.
“That shower isn’t big enough for two.”
Her face told me she disagreed, and that probably stemmed from her own practical experience.
“You go first, Si, while I sort out what I’m wearing, then you can get ready while I shower. That way you can stay out of the bedroom while I get ready.”
I had to parse that to make sure I understood her, then nodded. “Deal.”
She smiled, wider this time, and I lifted her from my lap, keeping my hands firmly at waist level—nowhere else. She turned in my arms but I gently steered her away, then rose to my feet. Outside, the sunlight glinted off the waves on the lake surface, and I could see two or three boats out there, probably fishing. With a start I realized the drapes were open and my wife was parading around the condo, topless.
She laughed, and my heart seemed to bounce in my chest from the throaty timbre of it, meaning I had to re-impose my iron willpower. Not easy when your little head is yelling ‘Gimme, Gimme’!

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