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Derby Dates

Derby Dates

ISBN# 978-1-927220-66-5
39,561 words.

Sian Ash had just turned 20 when her world was turned upside down. The minibus carrying her roller derby team home from an away match lost a tire, and overturned down an embankment. Four families lost their wives and mothers that day - five young children cast adrift, four fathers seared by a pain Sian recognized and felt with them. The heroine of the crash, she started providing a substitute parent service for the four families. Hailed as the town angel by everyone, only four others knew the real truth. It had started when one of the widowers had called her by his dead wife's name. The emotional angst that required a hug had led to something else - something more. Now Sian was proving in secret that she was no angel, no angel at all, and her four employers were loving every minute of it.

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