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Three Passes Each

Three Passes Each

Book I of the trilogy.
James thought Carla was a little young for him, but Carla thought otherwise. She confessed she preferred older men for their experience, and James couldn’t do anything other than take up such a challenge from the gorgeous brunette. Their romance was perfection, right up to the point where Carla forced his hand over a prenup, one she insisted on in his favor. It created their first real row, and it wasn’t so much the financial settlement, as the unusual caveat Carla insisted on. It had nothing to do with money, and everything to do with their relationship.
Given how in love he was with his wife, he had no intention of ever using one of the three free passes she’d insisted on; free passes that gave him the right to step outside his marriage vows. In fact, he insisted that turn was turnabout, and she had the same privilege. The last thing he expected was to use one, let alone for Carla to use one too.

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