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The Wedding Schlong

The Wedding Schlong

Ted Wood was now an hotelier. He’d seen the small four-story hotel years ago, and fell in love with its location on the headland with superb panoramic views. Five years later when it came on the market, he snapped it up and spent a fortune turning it into a perfect hotel, famed for its honeymoon suites.
At least in his current occupation the size of his equipment wasn’t as important as it has been in his previous career—as a very well-endowed porn star.
However, since the hotel boasted a state of the art TV system, and showed a lot of porn on certain channels, his claim to fame was often picked up on by some of the honeymoon couples. Some checked out in disgust, some giggled and stayed, and some, well, they did more than just stay at the hotel. They wanted, or rather the bride wanted, the full package. Every single inch of it.

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