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When KC Comes to Town

When KC Comes to Town

When Tim asked Emma on a date, he hadn’t expected to get a yes as a response. The tall blonde with kick-ass looks and legs to die for was so far out of his league, he knew he had no chance. When she said yes, and kept saying yes all the way up to the altar, he couldn’t have been happier. For him, it was a match made in heaven.
Demure in public and a tigress in bed, she was a perfect match for him… most of the time. There was one bump in the road, though. Her best friend from college, Katherine Cassandra, or KC for short. KC was a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company, and she hit town every eight weeks or so. The Saturday night when KC was in town was girls’ night out, when the two relived their wild college years. Those girls had been wild then, and boy, they still were.
Seven weeks out of eight, Tim had the perfect wife, but one week in eight, well—that was the price he paid for his otherwise flawless marriage: when KC comes to town.

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