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The Last To Know Trilogy

The Last To Know Trilogy

The complete The Last To Know Trilogy in one single volume. Three full novels, almost 200,000 words, over 550 pages in one scintillating read for one great price.

Book 1 – The Last To Know – What I did before we dated

For marketing manager Simon, his gorgeous wife Samantha is his reason for existing. From the moment, he first set eyes on her innocent beauty that day behind the counter in the library, he’d been hooked. Her shy reserved exterior hid a passion that took him a long while to uncover, but for Simon, it was worth the wait. Only, now, five years on, a newspaper exposé is threatening her career, and the very rock their marriage is built on. As Sammie starts to confess, Simon wonders if their marriage can survive. Was everything he thought he knew about her a lie?

Book 2 – The Last To Know – What I did while we dated

Sammie has confessed her dirty little secret – she wasn’t the innocent young lady she’d made herself out to be. Even after she’d started dating Simon, she’d still been playing the field, still messing around after hours with her boss at the library. She’d promised to tell Simon everything, every sordid detail in a last-ditch attempt to save their marriage. Could Simon, though, hear it all? And, if he could hear the details, could he truly forgive her?

Book 3 - The Last To Know – What I did while we were engaged

Simon had thought his librarian girlfriend was exclusive, but as Sammie’s confessions build toward a shattering climax, can he still love her enough to forgive her? As revelation piles on revelation, as each dirty confession becomes more sordid than the previous one, the worst truths are yet to come. While he respected her limits, her desire to save herself for marriage, on the nights he didn’t see her she was out painting the town red – or at least whatever color her underwear happened to be. Had he truly been the last to know?

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