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A Model Descent Trilogy

A Model Descent Trilogy

The complete A Model Descent Trilogy in one single volume. Three full novels, 245,000 words, over 750 pages in one scintillating read for one great price.

Book 1 - A Model Descent

“We wondered if you had ever done any modeling?” I mean, how corny can you get? But it was a woman who was asking me the question, and we were right outside the photographer’s studio at the time. I wasn’t even dressed nicely – the thick wool department store uniform made me look frumpy. So began Sylvia’s modeling career working for Dewi Morris and his wife Christie. The devastatingly pretty blonde had never considered posing in front of the camera. She wasn’t that innocent, or naive, but the lure of the lens made for an inexorable pull and before long the photographer was pushing her boundaries. The first full-length novel in a trilogy detailing Sylvia’s fall from innocence into something much more...

Book 2 - A Model Descent – Freefall

The second book in the trilogy detailing Sylvia’s descent into the world of glamor modeling. Now renting the flat above the studio, Sylvia is starting to live the high life that comes with being very well paid for what she does. Only, she can’t tell her family what she actually does in front of the camera. Working as the course model for aspiring glamor photographers is a real goldmine for both the studio and for her. However, the wedding shoot course is a bit much. Can she really bring herself to pose in a bridal dress, in a church, knowing the only part of the outfit she’ll be wearing for the reception shoot are the stockings and heels? Especially after the shots they took of her in the limo. When one of the photographers turns out to be a close friend of Dewi and shows a more personal interest in her, can she remain professional despite the growing mutual attraction?

Book 3 - A Model Descent – Final Fall

The third book in the trilogy detailing Sylvia’s move from glamor modeling into video shoots. The discovery that Tyler had been shooting video rather than stills left Sylvia traumatized. Can she cope with the apparent betrayal by the man she’s starting to see as her boyfriend, and not just another photographer? Dewi, though, has plans for Sylvia, and she finds herself drawn more and more in front of the lenses of the video cameras rather than Dewi’s still camera. As the videos become more and more hardcore will she stay balanced, and perhaps, more importantly, will she be able to build a real relationship with Tyler, the man who’s at home either in front of the camera, or behind it, when she’s in front of it with someone else!

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