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The Hoofers - The Collection

The Hoofers - The Collection

Originally published as separate short stories, these three stories of a very special FBI undercover unit dealing with vice are now gathered together for the first time under one cover.
Jennifer At The Bright Light
The Bright Light is not a nice club for the strippers who work there. This is where Jennifer and her team of Undercover Federal Agents come in. The Hoofers nickname was unavoidable, and given the nature of the work, they really had no choice but to live down to it. Now it was time for the management of The Bright Light to feel the wrath of Jennifer's crew. First, though, she was going to have to get through a punishing audition and provide a few extras.
Jennifer And The Man
One case completed, now it was time for the next one. This time Jennifer is going to be working alone. It was a big hotel, and they even had their own department for providing "services" for some of the more discerning guests. Can Jennifer gather enough evidence to take them down? Especially as the boss has plans for Friday, and Jennifer is going to play the starring role in a little menage he has planned.
The booking agency is supposed to only provide strippers and private dancers. The rumours about the owner though suggest much more is being offered, with or without the girl's consent. Once again Jennifer and her team of Undercover Federal Agents - the legendary "Hoofers" must do what they best, go undercover, and uncovered, to find out the truth.

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