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The Studio - The Collection

The Studio - The Collection

Previously published as individual short stories, and now gathered here into a single collection for the first time. Five stories about professional photographer Jim having a mid-life crisis while suffering from the seven-year itch. Not a good combination.
1. Marcia:
Professional photographer Jim is having a mid-life crisis while suffering from the seven-year itch. Not a good combination. His wife, Marcia, knows exactly how to cure both his problems, and at the same time take his career in a whole new direction!
2. Barbara:
Still overawed by the transformation in his wife following the makeover, Jim is not really sure he's prepared for following through with her new business plan. Taking photographs for a living is one thing, taking sexy glamour photographs of his wife's friends is quite another, especially when his first subject is going to be Barbara, the sex bomb of a friend he's lusted after for a while.
3. Carol:
Jim's new photographic glamour makeover business is booming, and Jim's mid-life crisis is just a dim memory. All of his wife's friends want to sample the makeover portrait service, but not all of them are straight-forward. Some clients need a little extra help, and tonight, Carol is one of them.
4. Emily:
Jim was surprised when Emily walked into his photo studio to ask for his special makeover service. She didn't want one make-over, she wanted two, one for herself so she can test his skills. Then, if he passes the test she wants him to do a makeover shoot with her daughter, as a blushing bride. For Jim, the first shoot is nerve wracking enough, especially when she hands him some props!
5. The Bride:
Emily Ransome had been an eye-opening client for Jim's fledgling makeover business, now she was coming back with her, about to wed, twenty-something daughter – complete with wedding dress, sexy underwear and a photographic brief that will have a serious effect on his self-control.

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