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Bailee's Heart

Bailee's Heart

The telephone call from the hospital propelled Bailee French into her worst nightmare. Her husband Graham had been admitted after a severe heart attack. She went from being his wife to his nurse in one instant and everything seesawed out of control.
His recovery was glacially slow, and as she tried hard to prevent him from over-exerting and getting back to his on-the-go lifestyle, their relationship suffered. When they were finally cleared to begin intimate relations again, Bailee thought they’d turned a corner, only to find the drugs he needed rendered him impotent.
When no conventional treatment worked, with them both in despair, Graham persuaded Bailee to try some unconventional approaches. As each attempt failed in turn, would his young wife go for his most unusual idea? Would Bailee take the radical step of being unfaithful in order to save their marriage?

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