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The Short Story Collection

The Short Story Collection

Three great short story collections from leading erotica author Bridy McAvoy, gathered here into a single volume. A total of 13 stories totalling over 66,000 words for a single price.
The Cassidy Wives Series
Follow Ginny and Chris Cassidy as they provide a surprise birthday present for their husbands, the Cassidy twins, for their thirtieth birthday. From the audition to their training to their performance, including its repercussions, follow the two housewives as they become, for one night only, performers at the city’s premier Strip Club!
1. Audition
2. The Training
3. Performance
4. Saturday
5. Sunday The Studio Series
Jim, a professional photographer, is having a mid-life crisis while suffering from the seven-year itch. His wife, Maria, knows exactly how she intends to cure both problems, while at the same time taking his business in an entirely new direction. She’ll be the first make-over model, but her friends will be following suit! Jim is in for the career-changing ride of his life.
1. Marcia
2. Barbara
3. Carol
4. Emily
5. The Bride
The Hoofers Series
The city’s underbelly is sleazy and rancid. This is where Jennifer and her team of Undercover Federal Agents come in. The Hoofers nickname was unavoidable, and given the nature of the work, they really have no choice but to live down to it. Jennifer and the others can strut their stuff, either on stage or in private. Now, one joint at a time, they’re going to clean up the city’s act, whatever it takes.
Jennifer At The Bright Light
Jennifer And The Man

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