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The Leah's Lens Trilogy

The Leah's Lens Trilogy

Previously available as three seperate novels, the entire trilogy is gathered here in a single volume of over 150,000 words for one unbelievable price.
Leah’s Home Lens
Leah was only trying to tease her photographer neighbor, but it went too far. Now Owen is blackmailing her into posing for ever more explicit photographs. She never realised just how much of an exhibitionist she could become, nor how much Leo, her husband, would enjoy watching her via the recordings from the CCTV system. Just how far can she fall? Can she turn the tables on Owen before she's in too deep? Does she want to? Who is actually blackmailing who?
Leah’s New Lens
Having given in to Owen as far as she has, it's very difficult for Leah to refuse Owen when he takes her a few steps further. When Leah poses for him again, he pushes her boundaries much, much further than she ever imagined. Leah is far more innocent than she herself ever realised, and Owen most certainly isn’t. Introducing another player into their "game" gives her a real BIG problem in every sense of the word.
Leah’s Long Lens
With Stan coming back for a solo session on his own, Leah is starting to feel the pressure. When it turns out Stan isn't on his own, the new experiences are mounting up for her. Will her relationship with Leo survive the strain? She has a bigger challenge to overcome first though, can she get through the Camera Club session without it developing into something more?

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