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Kayla - The First Four Weeks

Kayla - The First Four Weeks

All four Kayla books in one single volume. 164,000 words in one scintillating read for one price.
Week 1
Kayla’s married life had everything she wanted, or so she thought. Married to Ben for three years, a nice house, good job, and a neat circle of friends, she couldn’t be happier. Or could she? Despite their active and inventive sex life, Kayla feels somewhat unfulfilled. When Chris, Ben’s photographer best friend, offers her the chance to model for his next class she’s intrigued by the prospect, and the opportunity to scratch that latent exhibitionist itch she’d thought was dormant.
Trouble is, the course is going to run for eight weeks, and getting through week one is going to be hard enough.
Week 2
Kayla has things to worry about, and things to be thankful for. Her sex life with her husband, Ben, has gone into overdrive since she told him what was happening in the studio, and as she sets off for the second week, she knows he's got a severe case of unrequited hard-on back at the house. The problem is, she's fully aware that the men taking the course have them as well, and she's going to be with them all day! Chris is turning up the heat on the shooting sequences and Kayla can't help her body reacting to the sexual tension.
Week 3 – On Location
Chris springs another surprise on Kayla. They’re not in the studio this time, he’s secured some locations for the guys to shoot her in. A disused warehouse is only the first of them, and this time there’s no changing room to retreat to, nor Teri to help with the makeup. Now Kayla is going to be fully exposed to the guys all day, with no respite and no safe room. Posing is one thing, getting changed between shoots, in the back of the minibus, complete with audience, is yet another. The warehouse was one thing, the final location in a bar is quite another.
Week 4 - Nightshoot
It’s a late start on week four, and an even later finish. They’re on location again, and Chris has organised an upscale location for the night time photo-shoots. The private house is a veritable mansion compared to Kayla’s own home, and Chris has every intention of using every part of the house, and grounds, for the shoot. This time around, the guys are going to be working on close-ups as well as their lighting. The last week finished badly for Kayla, this week can she stop it getting any worse? Can she stop them crossing that final line? Will she want to stop them? 

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