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Housemates,Neighbours and Workmates

Housemates,Neighbours and Workmates

All twelve novellas collected here in one amazing 275,000 word volume for one fantastic price.
Things might have been different if Lizzie hadn’t been desperate enough to borrow the money to pay the rent, without telling Phil what she was doing. Now, after fate placed them in his hands, Phil leads Lizzie, Susie and Carrie down the slippery slope into glamour modelling and beyond.v Housemates and Friends
Housemates and Rivals
Housemates and Partners
Housemates Forever
Lizzie and Phil are back, and this time they have some new, willing—well, kind of—partners for their sexy games. As their neighbor, Carol, is drawn deeper and deeper into their web, her unwitting husband Peter is drawn in too. When they also ensnare their other neighbor, Rebecca, things start to spiral out of control. When Phil runs for office as deputy mayor, Carol, Rebecca, and the irrepressible Susie, are mere pawns in a high stakes game.
Neighbors and Friends
Neighbors and Rivals
Neighbors and Partners
Neighbors Forever
When the mayor succumbs to a fatal heart attack, Phil is left in charge. He has to form a campaign team to organize the support for his upcoming election battle. Winning over the hearts and minds of the movers and shakers within the city, bringing in new business from outside, needs a special kind of team. Phil has just what it needs, in the sexy form of his pretty neighbors, Carol, Rebecca and Susie. When he adds his wife to the mix in order to keep Carol’s husband on side, things are going to get even more interesting.
Workmates and Friends
Workmates and Rivals
Workmates and Partners
Workmates Forever

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