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Fantasies Incorporated - The Complete Collection

Fantasies Incorporated - The Complete Collection

Previously not available in a single volume, this collection features all 19 hot erotic stories in the series, totalling over 105,000 words, about fulfilling the ultimate in female fantasies.
If you or your partner have a deep, dark sexual fantasy, and you can find them, Fantasies Incorporated will provide everything you need to satisfy that fantasy, for real. Scenario’s, props, even the people, are available for hire.
Follow each of our heroines and heroes as they have their fantasies fulfilled.
The Honeymoon
The Babysitter
Shop Security
A Temporary Maid
Through The Window
A Gambling Debt
The Wake
The Service
Tennis Match
Car Showroom
The Warehouse
The Field Trip
There are many others in the collection too, but we’ve run out of space to list them all.

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106640 words


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