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Fantasies Incorporated - The First Collection

Fantasies Incorporated - The First Collection

ISBN# 978-1-927220-39-5
50,538 words.
Previously only available as individual short stories, this collection features 10 hot erotic stories, totalling over 50000 words, about fulfilling the ultimate in female fantasies.

Fantasies Incorporated - The Taxi Ride:
Over a fabulous meal Jenny is celebrating his promotion with her fiance. But as they leave the hotel the evening isn't exactly over. Jenny has big plans for when they get back to the flat. Very big, very sexy plans. The back seat of a taxi is a good place to get things started or so she thinks. However when the taxi stops there are a couple of problems. First they are not outside her building. Secondly the driver is pointing a gun at them.
Fantasies Incorporated - The Virgin:
Angie has a problem. Or rather she has a problem boyfriend. The one thing she wants him to do, he won't do. She wants him to remove the 'Virgin' label. He wants a girlfriend with some experience. Angie doesn't know but Tracy, her flatmate, has found a way to solve her little problem. When it's over will she still want him?
Fantasies Incorporated - The Virgin's Revenge:
Tracy set Angie up with what was after all a very pleasurable way for her to lose her virginity. Angie however, can't just let it lie. Whatever Tracy's good intentions Angie knows she must get her revenge. Tracy thinks they are just going to the local Country and Western bar for a meal and a dance and a game of pool. Angie knows different.
Fantasies Incorporated - The Secretary:
When the HR manager assigns Phil a new temp because his secretary has sprained her ankle Phil is immediately impressed with the tall attractive blonde's business acumen and skills. An unfortunate incident at lunchtime puts him into a compromising position with her, even though it was all innocent. Now she's crying in his office sure he will not want her to come back tomorrow. What's a man to do? But is everything all it seems?
Fantasies Incorporated - The Honeymoon:
Kiera really didn't enjoy the flight to their honeymoon hotel. All she wants is a shower and a nap to recover from the nausea. Her new husband, concerned for her, takes himself off to the bar to allow her the time to recover properly. His ideas of what might aid a speedy recovery don't quite tally with hers; as she is about to discover; and enjoy!
Fantasies Incorporated - The Babysitter:
Ellis and Isla are going out to help her brother and his wife celebrate their wedding anniversary. At the last minute their baby sitter has a problem and sends her older sister as a substitute. When they get back Ellis is out for the count so Isla has a drink with Laura. One leads to two and then a foot massage leads to something else. By the time Isla realizes their normal baby sitter doesn't have a sister it's far too late, and oh . . . far too nice.
Fantasies Incorporated - Younger Brother:
Tom's younger brother is a real geek. Boarding with him, and Tom's wife Zoe, whilst at college, Ben seems hardly to have left his room for the two months he's been there. Zoe however has a plan to bring Ben out of his shell. Her cousin Amelie is coming to stay for a week. Not only is she blonde, stunning and beautiful, by all accounts she's a geek too. . .
Fantasies Incorporated - Shop Security:
Leanne found the perfect little mini-dress in the shop and at a reasonable price too. Trying it on, she didn't notice anything amiss, but after paying and leaving, the words of the security guard heralded the start of an extraordinary episode in her life. A ride she will never forget. "Excuse me, Ma'am."
Fantasies Incorporated - A Temporary Maid:
Chloe has had enough of temporary secretary and receptionist roles. She desperately wants to get back into full time employment. Until six months ago she was an executive PA with a salary to match. Simon Ironsides, the head of the agency who's been finding her temporary work has a very different kind of job for her, but first she'll have to get through a very different kind of interview. That's if she bring herself to wear the uniform first...
Fantasies Incorporated - Through The Window:
When Delia's husband asked her to undress in front of the bedroom window, with the lights on and the curtains open, Delia was glad their house backed onto open woodland. Three days later after she'd dropped him at the airport, ostensibly on his way for a business trip, she found a package with some incriminating pictures of her impromptu striptease, and two complete outfits together with some detailed instructions. Convinced it's her husband playing one of his little 'role-playing' games...

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