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ISBN# 978-1-927220-47-4
81,241 words.

This, the third book in the Housemates saga was previously released as 4 separate novellas - Workmates and Friends, Workmates and Rivals, Workmates and Partners and Workmates Forever. Now all four have been extensively reproofed and gathered in one long novel length work:

Workmates and Friends
Phil decides to take his relationship with his pretty submissive neighbors onto a whole new level. As mayor he needs a group of pretty women to ensure the wheels of his reelection campaign turn smoothly since the death of the previous mayor. Rebecca's sudden unjustified sacking and Susie's hatred for her boring job provide the opportunity. The sheen the women can put on his campaign is merely the excuse. Follow Carol and her friends as they embark on more sexual adventures, this time in the workplace. As he takes them deeper and deeper into the sleazy world he inhabits will they be able to stay friends, particularly after they watch and help each other doing. . .
Workmates and Rivals
With Susie ill, Carol has to take over as escort with Rebecca for two visiting executives. The whole of Phil's mayoral campaign hinges on getting them to agree to site their new mega-factory within the city limits. Peter is furious when he finds out how his wife is going to spend the evening, and the night, with these men. Lizzie as ever, has a way to ease his pain and jealousy.
Workmates and Partners
Following Carol's escorting duties, Lizzie has promised Peter, Carol's husband some fun at a weekend barbeque as the second part of his compensation. He assumes Carol will also be there but Phil, devious as ever as other plans. He and Carol will be working that afternoon, some much needed overtime. On the hanging rail in his office are seven outfits. She is to put one on every half an hour. Of course Carol isn't going to be taking them off, and unknown to her nor is Phil. Besides her mind is firmly rooted in the events at the barbeque where Lizzie, Rebecca and a recovered Susie are entertaining her husband.
Workmates Forever
When Phil wins election to another term of office as mayor there is only one venue for the party. The rec room in the basement of the city hall. There is also a very select list of male only guests. Male only, for a very simple reason. The entertainment will be provided by his own wife, Lizzie, and his neighbors Carol, Rebecca and Susie. Mind you his secretary Amy has been persuaded to attend as well, and you couldn't keep the ladies' secretary Vicki away if you tried, which Phil didn't, well not very hard.

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