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Penny Lane's Seduction

Penny Lane's Seduction

Over twenty years after the Beatles hit, would you saddle your only daughter with the name Penelope if your surname was Lane? Taunted and bullied through childhood, she grew up to be a beautiful but introverted young woman. But when Gareth met her, he thought she was perfect.
With Gareth working days and Penny studying at college then working nights, their time together was limited, but they were determined to make the most of what they had despite the little money they had between them.
As their relationship developed, their love deepened, but a voyeuristic game gone wrong has left Penny exposed to manipulation from her devious older neighbor. As things start to get out of control, events build toward a devastating conclusion.
Frank’s seduction of the pretty twenty-one year old Penny is going to shatter lives as well as hearts.

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