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ISBN# 978-1-927220-46-7
92,822 words.

This, the sequel to Housemates was previously released as 4 separate novellas - Neighbors and Friends, Neighbors and Rivals, Neighbors and Partners and Neighbors Forever. Now all four have been extensively reproofed and gathered in one long novel length work:

Neighbors and Friends
After eighteen months of blissful marriage Carol and Peter move into their dream home. One of only four luxury houses in a small gated community overlooking the city. Their landlords, Phil and Lizzie live next door and seem a friendly young couple. The other occupants of the small secure community seem nice as well. Then over a glass of wine Carol makes a confession to Lizzie about her fantasy. Lizzie simply suggests that she make her fantasy come real with her husband that very night! Unfortunately for Carol, Lizzie's motives aren't exactly pure or based in friendship. As Lizzie and Phil increase the pressure on their pretty young neighbor to conform to their desires as well as her own Carol begins to find out that her fantasy life as a submissive is actually both far worse and far better than she had hoped. When Phil gets involved in local politics she finds he is playing for high stakes indeed. She is one of them!
Neighbors and Rivals
Carol is finding life with her neighbors Lizzie, Phil and Susie very challenging. Having been persuaded by Lizzie to confess to her fantasy of being watched while making love and then enacting it she now feels blackmailed into doing what her devious neighbors want. The problem is the more they get her to do the more she finds she is enjoying it. Lizzie and Phil have a timetable and as the sexual encounters Carol is pushed into become more and more depraved she knows exactly where this is going to end up. The problem is she is no longer sure that this is something she wants to avoid. As Carol becomes more and more addicted to the kind of sex she is now participating in will she give in to the final depraved request Phil makes of her before the weekend house-party where she is the guest of honor. We have of course met Phil, Lizzie and the irrepressible Susie before in the Housemates series
Neighbors and Partners
Carol finds that now her other neighbor Rebecca has been drawn into Phil and Lizzie's web they expect her to help train the newcomer. As they continue to sink deeper and deeper and the date of the election gets closer Phil's demands become more and more extreme. Playing hide and seek with a forfeit is one thing, Phil's variation is quite another!
Neighbors Forever
Phil's gamble has paid off and he has now been duly elected as deputy mayor. The problem for Carol, Rebecca, Susie and even his own wife Lizzie, is that this particular bet requires the winner to pay off. The even bigger problem is the four of them are the stakes. Phil manages to take the other husbands away on a fishing trip. The mayor and the department heads have the run of the house for the weekend. Only it's not just the house he's left for them to run with...

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