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ISBN# 978-1-927220-45-0
103,162 words.

Previously released as 4 separate novellas - Housemates and Friends, Housemates and Rivals, Housemates and Partners and Housemates Forever. Now all four have been extensively reproofed and gathered in one long novel length work:

Housemates and Friends
Three friends, close friends through college. They luck out on graduation, getting jobs for the same company and a nice house to rent. Disaster all three lose their jobs and their incomes. One goes to work for the landlord. She tries to help her friends. Bad idea - she's not a competent fraudster and her boss catches her. He gives them all a simple choice. Arrest, imprisonment and a criminal record or... Model for him because he's also a photographer. Only it's not exactly catalogue modeling. Follow them as they descend a slippery slope from being good girls towards something far worse, but also far more exiting and enjoyable. As he takes them deeper and deeper into the sleazy world he inhabits will they be able to stay friends, particularly after they watch and help each other doing...
Housemates and Rivals
As Phil introduces other people and other places into the modeling it's suddenly a lot more stressful for the three girls. They are well on the way down the slippery slope into his sleazy world and the slope is getting steeper and ever more slippery. The pace is picking up, so with everything he is making them do will they be able to stay friends; now that they are becoming rivals. But that rivalry, what are they actually competing for?
Housemates and Partners
They're going to spend the weekend in a nice country house modeling during the day and evening but the bedrooms are already manned! They think there is little further to fall but as Phil increases the pressure they find it is still a very long way down. Something is eating at their blackmailer, could he actually be falling for one of them? His reaction when Lizzie is hurt stuns them. Where will this end?
Housemates Forever
Now the girls have found themselves modeling for a group of amateurs. As they find themselves responding to stimulation in ways they have only dreamed about where will this journey end? Phil has popped the question to Lizzie and shows them all round her new home. Then he asks them to do one final session. He wants them to provide the entertainment on his stag night. Only they're not going to be dancing on stage, well not for long anyway. Will they have any shred of dignity left? Or will they enjoy it too much to care?

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