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Kayla Models Life - Week Three - On Location

Kayla Models Life - Week Three - On Location

ISBN# 978-1-927220-52-8
40,792 words.

The third in a new series by popular erotica author Bridy McAvoy Week three and Chris springs another surprise on Kayla. They're not in the studio this time, he's secured some locations for the guys to shoot her in. A disused warehouse is only the first of them, and this time there's no changing room to retreat to, nor Teri to help with the makeup. Now Kayla is going to be fully exposed to the guys all day, with no respite and no safe room. Posing is one thing, getting changed between shoots, in the back of the minibus, complete with audience, is yet another. The warehouse was one thing, the final location in a bar is a different proposition altogether.

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